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Investment Planning Process

Making investment decisions as an Australian expat can be much more complicated than making investments if you are an Aussie who has always lived in Australia and never intends to live and work overseas.

For starters, there is tax to consider – what taxes will you be exposed to while you are overseas and what how will assets you purchase be taxed when you return to Australia?Should you be selling an asset before you move to Australia or should you retain the asset for the long term?What documentation do you need to support the value of a property you purchased while overseas which will be subject to tax when you repatriate to Australia?Are there any tax advantages to purchasing certain assets while you are overseas?

The answer to these questions will vary depending on your personal situation and there is no general rule that would apply to everyone. You should therefore seek professional financial and / or tax advice before considering any asset purchase while you are based overseas as well as reviewing your overall tax position before repatriating to Australia.